Friday, September 29, 2006

South America in the Crosshairs of the Industry

A new report from Greenpeace Argentina presents forecasted statistics for the rapid expansion of pulp and paper production in Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. The growth threatens to be disastrous to the ecosystems and public health of the area.

More information on the report is available in Spanish here....

"Writing on the Wall" - An English language news article about the report is available here...

The Packaging Planet

This week Wal-Mart announced at the Clinton Global Initiative that it will be working to reduce its packaging impact by working with its 60,000 suppliers. Read more...

Friday, September 22, 2006

International Paper Burning Sludge and Tires?

A battle between Vermont and New York and public health advocates and International Paper (IP) is "heating up" over burning of tires and sludge at their Ticonderoga plant. As a toxic "test burn" approaches without the installation of best available technology, customers of IP are weighing in and a boycott is looming.

For more info on this issue visit People for Less Pollution.

For a Boston Globe Article on the Issue Click Here

Businesses Say Shame on Kimberly-Clark

In a bold ad in the National Edition of the New York Times newspaper, Greenpeace announced that more than 650 businesses in North America and from around the world are refusing to use tissue products manufactured by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation and made from ancient forests. The businesses are calling on the company to use more recycled fiber and pulp from sustainable logging operations in its products including Kleenex brand facial tissue. Visit the Forest Friendly 500 webpage to learn more.