Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Xerox High Yield Business Paper: Costs less trees and $$

A new paper line introduced by Xerox this week reminds us that paper use efficiency is a key piece of any institutions responsible paper purchasing policy. Doing so not only conserves natural resources, it can also reduce organizational costs.

The company released High Yield Business Paper this week, claiming:

"High Yield Business Paper uses 90 percent of the tree versus only 45 percent being used to create traditional digital printing paper. In addition, High Yield Business Paper requires less water and chemicals and is produced in a plant using hydroelectricity to partially power the pulping process. This process reduces fossil fuel use and results in up to a 75 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions."
Conservationists agree that buying paper with a high percentage of recycled content whenever possible is the most responsible choice. After this, purchasers should also consider if any virgin content comes from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably harvested. But the new Xerox line is an innovative step in increasing efficiency, and if companies embrace it for appropriate applications as part of a comprehensive responsible paper use policy, there could be significant net gain for the environment.

For those concerned about performance of mechanically pulped paper in copiers, Xerox says it has overcome problems of some paper in the past:
"Developed by scientists and engineers at the Xerox Media and Compatibles Technology Center, a lab devoted to paper innovation located in Webster, N.Y., the Xerox High Yield Business Paper™ is a mechanical fiber paper that overcomes operational problems, such as curling and dust, which until now prevented mechanical fiber papers from being used with digital print devices."
Another way to save trees and your company's money, is also highlighted this week in Grist. GreenPrint CEO Hayden Hamilton talks about how their software saves your company money, while improving your responsibility profile.


Anonymous said...

Xerox has been making so much effort to 'go green' on so many levels and i think its so great!

50% less trees is saving the environment by a lot! and the fact that they think about cost for customers and the light weight so that it costs less for postage is mind blowing that a company would think of this instead of looking for corners to rip costumers off..

I think xerox is an amazing company that has a perfect company philosophy so to speak. The fact that they think about their costumers as well as the environment it amazing working to create a greener process and cost-effective products for their clients.

Thank you for this amazing article

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