Tuesday, June 06, 2006

TRN Conference announced publicly

Very exciting for me... I live in Cambridge. This is THE paper and forest event of the year.


Taiga Rescue Network 8th Biennial Conference

The Global Importance of the Boreal Forest: Migratory Birds and the Paper Industry

10 - 13 September 2006 Clare College, Cambridge, UK

The conference will feature:

  • Industry - NGO - government - science discussions to promote cross-sectoral collaboration and/or communication, build relationships and increase mutual understanding
  • In-depth discussions of the world's impacts on boreal ecosystems, especially in relation to migratory birds
  • The latest campaign news from around the boreal forest
  • Release of the State of the Paper Industry and the Environment by the Environmental Paper Network
  • Unveiling of new tools and information to help papermakers and major paper buyers improve environmental performance

Attendees will include those from the following cross section of industries:

  • Paper industry and boreal forest products industry representatives
  • NGOs working on paper issues, boreal forests, and related
  • Indigenous peoples groups and local community organizations throughout the boreal region
  • Academics - Scientists - Researchers interested in boreal forests, migratory birds and the paper industry worldwide
  • Government agencies and development agencies
  • Financial institutions, especially those affected by or invested in boreal regions and the paper industry

Additional meetings of Birdlife International's Forest Task Force, the Taiga Rescue Network and the Environmental Paper will be held following the conference by invitation. Additional workshop information will be made available.

Contact: Jim Ford, jim@taigarescue.org

Save the date in your diary and be sure to check back at www.taigarescue.org/conference2006 for more details as they become available. An email reminder will be sent.

Co-hosts are the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Birdlife International, Boreal Birdsong Initiative, ForestEthics, and UNEP -World Conservation Monitoring Centre with support from the Environmental Paper Network, Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund and others.


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