Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal

....for publishing an excellent article today on the problem of the catalog deluge that can be an outrageous nightmare to escape. Anyone with a mailbox or a po box knows what I'm talking about, the onslaught of unsolicited mail, including catalog upon catalog, that it seems impossible to get off of the list for. Sometimes you even get multiples of the same one!

Suzanne, a special reporter to the Wall Street Journal writes, "Six weeks ago, we contacted five major catalog merchants to request they stop our catalogs." Her journey wasn't easy, and its still not over. It requires a subscription to read the article, so I won't bother with the link, but kudos to the wall street journal for encouraging catalog companies to reduce the burden and waste of catalog excess.

There are things you can do about it:

1. Find that 1-800 number on your catalog you don't buy from and call and ask to be removed.

2. Contact the Direct Marketing Association to get your name off many of the lists

3. Subscribe to a service such as or or

4. Support the Center for a New American Dream's Do Not Junk Campaign to create a free national registry modeled after the Do Not Call List

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