Monday, January 28, 2008

Save Paper Save Money

A new factsheet is available from the Environmental Paper Network that provides both innovative and common sense advice as well as real life business examples of how to save money by reducing paper use. Oh yeah, it lowers your carbon footprint too. Check it out and start saving today.


Anonymous said...

Another way you can reduce paper waste (and save ink, which as we all know is extremely expensive) is to download the free software from GreenPrint. It allows you to eliminate unwanted pages prior to printing,you can decide what you want to print or not and you can cut out those annoying leftover orphan pages. Best of all their "World" version is free.

Ruth Folit said...

Here’s another way to save paper: keep a digital, paperless journal. Not only do you save paper, and hence trees, your journal writing is more productive and efficient and valuable. One of the best products available is LifeJournal, written by people who have kept a journal for decades and therefore, really know journal writing inside and out. You can download a free demo at

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