Monday, July 14, 2008

Victory: Ontario Moves to Protect Boreal

Big news reported in the Globe and Mail today:

One half of Ontario's vast boreal forest will be permanently protected from mining and other resource development projects as part of a sweeping plan unveiled by Premier Dalton McGuinty to combat climate change.

The government will protect at least 225,000 square kilometres from development, representing one half of the boreal region in the far north and an area 1.5 times greater in size than all the Maritime provinces combined, Mr. McGuinty said Monday at a news conference. This land will be off limits to any resource projects and restricted to tourism and traditional aboriginal uses, such as hunting and fishing, he said.

"It's unspoiled and undisturbed, and if there's one thing we know for sure, it's not going to stay that way forever unless we do something,” he said.

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crystal said...

The government of Ontario said that the Canadian province will conserve an area in its boreal forest nearly half the size of California to protect polar bears and other wildlife and to help fight climate change. The plan to permanently protect at least 86,000 square miles of the northern forest won praise from environmental groups, which said it should serve as an example for other governments. Ontario will work with these local native communities, none of which currently have their own planning departments, to construct sustainable plans that allow them to benefit directly from any development that is allowed.

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