Friday, October 17, 2008

Two Sides, Indeed

The UK National Association of Paper Merchants has launched a marketing program, Two Sides, to

address these criticisms, to educate the paper-buying public of the true facts so they can make informed choices, while at the same time, promote responsible paper use. The key focus is to encourage people to question and challenge their existing wisdom about paper, to counteract the impact of the current environmental lobby against the paper industry, and arrest the guilt surrounding the use of paper.
On their web site, they also say that:

[...] the print and paper industries need to speak with a common voice to dispel the myths and present the real facts.
It doesn't look like they are making much headway in that regard. A Printweek article entitled "Premier Paper contradicts NAPM's campaign to promote paper's image" says, among other things:

Paper merchant Premier Paper Group has gone against the National Association of Paper Merchants' (NAPM) newly launched Two Sides campaign claiming that the paper industry "inevitably consumes precious natural resources" and has a "significant impact" on the environment.
Indeed. Don't forget to visit Shrink and learn how to reduce your paper consumption to a sustainable level.

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