Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Phone Book and Yellow Pages Rage Continues to Grow

A coherent "green rant" from the blog, Inhabitat, on phone book paper...

"Inspiration for this rant landed on doorsteps in my area a few weeks ago, and has been sitting there, becoming increasingly soggy and unsightly ever since. Digging around the internet I found that many other people are also upset about the massive yellow and white phone books forced upon them. Some areas even have four or five phone directory companies distributing books to each residence! Maybe the contract companies hired to drop off the books do not have the resources to consider individual addresses in metropolitan areas like Philadelphia, where I reside, but the litter created globally by the mass amounts of unwanted phone books seems inexcusable. Wanting to know who I could point a finger at, I set out to find the root cause of the issue."


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Susie said...

Completely agree, I do wonder why these yellowpages directories / books are forced upon and left over in people's doorstep. I find this all the time, minimum 10 books from various company at least twice the year. 90% of them go straight to bin the very next day. So shame these yellowpages company are not doing anything about it.
In the high internet penetration countries like US ,UK and other European union people use Online yellowpages more often than Yellow pages BOOK.

At least it's not cutting down the TREES.

Save Trees. Save the planet.

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