Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unnecessary and Tragic Death in Bahia Eucalyptus Plantations

This morning we are sharing a statement about the tragic death of Henrique Souza Pereira in Fibria’s eucalyptus plantations from Sócio-Environmental Fórum of the Extreme South of Bahia and the Alert against the Green Desert Network (March 23, 2010).

Armed security force of Fibria (Aracruz) kills local villager in Bahia

With this statement, we express our enormous outrage about the death of 24-years old Henrique Souza Pereira, who was killed on 16 March 2010. According to Fibria´s press release (Fibria is the former Aracruz Celulose and partner of Stora Enso in the Veracel Celulose company), a team of GARRA, the private ‘security’ company of Fibria, shot Henrique, alleging that he was stealing wood and ‘acting aggressively’ when he was requested to leave an area with eucalyptus trees. But the father of Henrique, Osvaldo Pereira Bezerra declared in an interview with a local newspaper, he was accompanying Henrique on a motorcycle going home when the conflict happened. During the incident, the security force broke the arm of Henrique’s father.

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PaperLine said...

Wow this is sad. where are all the NGO's or the bloggers at this moment?????
I guess because it has to do with our famous FSC everyone is hidding so they don't have to lose face
Can any of the blogger comment why should we still support FSC or how many lifes needs to be lost so FSC could still be bulling mills from other countries