Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Canadian forest industry and environmental groups sign world's largest conservation agreement

Today, Environmental Paper Network member organizations ForestEthics, Canopy and Greenpeace, along with 6 other leading environmental organizations and twenty-one forest products companies, announced a landmark Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. The ambitious initiative commences with a moratorium on all logging across more than 70 million acres of rich Boreal Forest, as key parties begin long-term conservation planning over 175 million acres – an area the size of Texas.

Find out the full list of signatory organizations and companies, and read the press release here.

The largest conservation initiative in history
, the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement seeks to conserve critical Boreal Forest land, preserve the vulnerable woodland caribou, and implement world-leading forestry practices. While this planning is done over the next three years, members of the Forest Products Association of Canada will honor a moratorium on logging covering 29 million hectares (71 million acres) of prime caribou habitat – an area the size of New Zealand.

Read the details of the agreement >>

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