Friday, August 06, 2010 Names the Most Anti-Environmental Consulting Firms

The online publication,, has published an interesting article that reveals that companies that work cooperatively with NGOs to identify environmental and social risks in their supply chain are more successful than companies that do not.
From the article:
Major office-supply retailers move a lot of paper and have had to deal deliberately with challenges by RAN [Rainforest Action Network] and other NGOs over their sourcing practices. OfficeMax Inc, on one hand, has resisted RAN's demands about its foresting practices in Canada and ignored activist protests at its stores, though the Naperville, Ill., company has initiated its own sustainability efforts.
But after displaying similar resistance, archrival Staples largely aceded to work with NGOs nearly a decade ago. And, sure enough, Staples ranked No. 20 last year on Newsweek magazine's environmental ranking of America's 500 largest corporations, while OfficeMax didn't show up.
They also expose the names of some of the most anti-justice and anti-environmental corporate consulting firms who shake down corporate clients by selling them advice on how to fight back against the scientific evidence and consumer outrage brought to their stores by NGOs, through greenwashing, stonewalling, and sowing confusion among the public. Here's a chart from their article:

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