Monday, April 16, 2007

A Bite of Wisdom on Eco-Friendly Office Paper

The ever witty, wise and easily digestable Ideal Bite is running an "Eco-Friendly Office Week." Today's "Daily Bite" is called "Looking Good on Paper."

Some suggestions were lovingly added to the blog comments on behalf of the Paper Planet that you might want to check out as well.

Specifically, we would really love to see, recommended in the tip, do a little better job offering its customers recycled paper. Their green built offices and other actions demonstrate their awareness of the environmental imperative, which should lead to changes in their business practicies regarding paper. Currently, the word recycled can not be found on their website, and recycled paper is not listed as one of their paper offerings. They have assurred me that a customer can abort the online ordering process and call and special request recycled paper, which is nice. But common sense dictates this is less than "ideal."


jodie said...

I have ben reading this blogsite because I am an author and wish for my books to be published on sustainably sourced (eco-friendly) paper. They currently are not and I have been told that cost is the main factor preventing this from happening. I am learning as much about edo friendly paper as I can before I initiate a campaign to change not just my own publishers use of virgin paper but all publishers within Australia and ideally the world.

Today, I attended a discussion at the London Book Fair called 'A Sustainable Publishing Industry'. The panel of speakers included Tony Juniper (author of 'How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Change the World' and CEO of Friends of the Earth) Alastair Sawaday (author, publisher, Eco-expert whose company is carbon neutral) Victoria Barnsley (CEO of HarperCollins who is making big positive steps to become totally eco-friendly) and Natasha Randall (Journalist).

Is this something anyone is interested in? Please let me know. If so, I can post a brief summary up for you to read.

I came away feeling very inspired and optimisitic but aware that more work was needed to reach that 'tipping point' and really make a difference.

Papyrus said...

I think the summary of that meeting would be really interesting to see. There's groups in the US and Canada and in Argentina that are all working on book publishing issues that would be interested in the progress happening in the UK and Australia.

Its great news to hear of your efforts in Australia. Please let us know at the Environmental Paper Network if there are ways we can help.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason that PrintingForLess doesn list their prices for recycled paper on their site.

If you wanna live "green" you're gonna have to pay some major green! Everyone wants to help the planet and do the right thing but when that triples the cost of your printing cost, I guarantee you'll think twice.