Monday, April 23, 2007

Move Over Office Depot, Now There's Something Greener

We all know by now that green is the new black. Not only is it Hollywood-chic, it also seems to be becoming incredibly profitable for many companies to go green or at least appear to go green.

Of course Earth Day season is upon us and every company under the sun is scrambling for positive PR by doing everything from sponsoring local Earth Day events to running special sales or in the case of Office Depot (NYSE: ODP) launching a green portal and providing 10 tips on going green.

The tips varied from buying "greener" products to recycling to buying your very own renewable energy credits. You can check out the whole list here.

Tips are nice, but we all know action speaks louder than words, and so it was refreshing to read a story in Sunday's San Jose Mercury News that highlighted Green Earth Office Supply in San Jose, CA that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk selling all things green from clipboards made of reclaimed materials like Silicon Valley's old circuit boards to 100% recycled paper to compostable silverware. As I said before, action speaks louder than words, so I'll shut up and you can click here to read the story.

Happy Earth Day!

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