Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Has IP Seen the Light?

In all likelihood the answer to that question is no, but hopefully change is on the horizon...

At the beginning of the month, IP announced that all of their mills in North America are now SFI certified and they are pursuing FSC chain of custody certification.

For those unfamiliar with certification, SFI is a do nothing industry rubber stamp for bad logging practices painted green - allowing destructive practices such as large-scale clearcutting, logging of endangered forests, and the use of toxic chemicals in the management of forests. So, no surprises here. For more information on the pitfalls of SFI visit the Alliance for Credible Forest Certification website.

Whereas this is not really news or bad news, depending on the way you read it, the intent to pursue FSC chain of custody certification could be a good thing. This all depends on whether or not they go all the way and certify all of their land, logging operations and mills or not. I am not holding my breath and it seems Dogwood Alliance isn't either. You can read their response to IP's announcement here.

To read IP's press release on the announcement, go here.

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