Thursday, June 28, 2007

Buying Paper? Read This First.

Maybe you are a paper purchaser whose company/organization has just adopted a responsible paper purchasing policy, and you're eager to get understandable information on what the issues are. Or maybe your trying to convince your institution to adopt such a policy and be more responsible. The Environmental Paper Network has produced two new topical facts sheets this summer to help paper purchasers make informed decisions about what's in the paper they are buying.

Understanding Recycled Fiber - This fact sheet helps explain why choosing paper with high post-consumer recycled fiber is the smart and responsible choice for purchasers.

Social Impacts of the Paper Industry - This fact sheet focuses on the human impact of fiber sourcing decisions, highlighting responsible and also controversial examples, and provides recommendations to the industry, paper purchasers, and investors.

They are just two of the many resources available at the EPN's website.

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