Monday, June 11, 2007

Mags and Cats on the Move to Responsible Paper

Last week saw several noteworthy announcements in the coated paper world for recycled content and FSC certified paper.

First, Mansueto Ventures says that beginning with the June issue of Inc. magazine, all Inc. and Fast Company newsstand and subscriber copies will be printed on 100 percent recycled paper. More details here.

Mansueto says that research by the Alliance for Environmental Innovation has shown that each ton of recycled fiber that displaces a ton of virgin fiber used in coated groundwood paper (stock used in magazines) reduces total energy consumption by 27 percent, reduces net greenhouse gas emission by 47 percent, reduces wastewater by 33 percent, and reduces solid waste by 54 percent.

“Printing our magazines on fully recycled paper and being a leader on the environmental front is a great way to reinforce the message we send to our 1.44 million subscribers on working smarter and creating the future of business,” said Mansueto Ventures CEO John Koten. “Doing our part to amplify environmentally responsible magazine publishing and leaving the world a better place is important to the values of our company. We encourage all publishers to do the same.

And second, L.L. Bean, the mail-order company, declined to renew its long-term contract with Verso Paper because it wants paper made under certified sustainable forestry practices that contains more recycled fiber content, the company said.

More and more companies are moving to more responsible paper everyday. What's in your paper?

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