Monday, November 19, 2007

Catalog Choice in New York Times

Catalog Choice, the new, free service from Environmental Paper Network member organizations NWF, NRDC, and the Ecology Center (Berkeley) which lets consumers easily opt out of catalogs they no longer wish to receive, its still growing, and so is the buzz. Today, the New York Times.

The initiative is tapping into a lot of common sense and has a growing list of companies partnering up with it, such as L.L. Bean. In the NYTimes article, L.L. Bean says, "We don't want people to get our catalogs who don't want our catalogs. We don't want to waste paper or our customer's time."

Since October 9, Catalog Choice has helped 165,000 people opt out of almost 1.7 million catalogs.

Thank goodness. The Environmental Paper Network's State of the Paper Industry Report shows that experts have been predicting continued, rapid growth of paper use, and increasing environmental challenges as a result. Efforts like Catalog Choice are critical to changing the course.

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