Thursday, November 01, 2007

Canada's Biggest Printer Adopts Paper Purchasing Policy

Thanks to help from EPN member Markets Initiative, Transcontinental has announced the implementation of a Paper Purchasing Policy that promotes the use of environmentally preferable papers through a classification process that allows clients to make an informed choice regarding the paper they choose for their printing and publishing needs.

“Transcontinental is the first major North American print-media conglomerate to take such a comprehensive step towards safeguarding our forests and our climate,” said Nicole Rycroft, Executive Director, Markets Initiative. “This is good news for caribou, forests such as the Boreal and for clients looking for environmental printing solutions. We look forward to other major North American and global printers and publishers developing environmental paper initiatives.”

The largest printer in Canada and sixth-largest in North America, Transcontinental also ranks as the country’s leading publisher of consumer magazines and French-language educational resources, and its second-largest community newspaper publisher.

For more information about Transcontinental’s Environmental Policy, including its Paper Purchasing Policy, click here.

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