Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Better Paper Project Launches Eco-Publishing Web Community

On January 1st, the Green America Better Paper Project launched an online community at, the goal of which is to foster collaboration between magazine staff and industry stakeholders while encouraging the production and use of socially and environmentally responsible paper.

The BPP online community creates a diverse network by engaging magazine staff, paper mill representatives, paper merchants, printers, advertisers, designers, non-profits and supply chain experts. It will assist Better Paper Project participants by:

  • simplifying the ways that we communicate with everyone
  • allowing members to determine their own level of involvement with the Project
  • disseminating and categorizing information, news and advice targeted by specialty
  • encouraging networking and collaboration between like-minded professionals
  • tracking bookstore promotions, awards, Webinars and other events via an online calendar
  • providing a clear, easy to search archive of our online articles
  • consolidating our resource center, making it easier to find the paper solutions that best suit a publication's needs

Please take a few minutes to sign up at and check it out for yourself. If you have any questions about the Better Paper Project’s mission or what we can do for you, visit the About Us section of our website or contact Project Coordinator Keaty Gross at or 202.872.5364.

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