Monday, February 09, 2009

A Story of Transformation: ForestEthics + Victoria's Secret

A new short video out is a compelling presentation of the remarkable story of ForestEthics' campaign: Victoria's Dirty Secret. In December 2007, an unlikely alliance between Limited Brands, parent company of Victoria's Secret, and ForestEthics yielded an unprecedented victory for the protection of Endangered Forests. The transition from adversaries to allies was not easy, but in the end, a mixture of grassroots tactics, practical negotiations, and corporate responsibility on the part of Limited Brands brought an historic environmental agreement.

One really has to respect Tom Katzenmeyer, Sr. Vice President at Limited Brands for his forthrightness in this video and for all the energy he has put into his efforts to follow through on Limited Brands' commitments and to push other catalog companies to follow their lead. Consumers are asking: What's In Your Paper?

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Anonymous said...

Limited Brands and Victoria Secret now have online catalogues keeping the waste of paper down