Friday, June 04, 2010

Green Freedom? Really?

When I recently saw the logo of the new astroturf organization called, "Green Freedom," I honestly wondered if it was a joke. Its clenched fist/leaf just seemed too over-the-top, maybe even something out of a satirical article in the Onion.

But no, its a well funded and serious effort to confuse the public and discredit environmental NGO's around the world, as a means to protect the agenda of expansion and unconstrained exploitation of land and people by multinational corporations, particularly in the global South.

I think this article from June 2nd by Peter Nowack is a good summary of not only Green Freedom, but a fuller picture of an uncanny emergence of several such organizations simultaneously. Mr. Nowack says,

"In the last few weeks, pro-industry organizations here in the US, in Indonesia, and in the EU have been awakend from their slumber and are ramping up their rhetoric against Environmental Non-Profit Organizations (ENGOs) which seek to bring an end to deforestation and landscape-scale conversion of biologically diverse forestlands into monoculture plantations."
Read the full article here.....

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