Tuesday, June 01, 2010

VIDEO: Breakthrough in Tasmanian Struggle over Gunns Ltd. Pulp Mill

Environmental Paper Network members The Wilderness Society - Australia (TWS), would like to share a video announcing a major breakthrough in their work to achieve protection for ancient and endangered forests in Tasmania. If you've been following it or are a party involved, you know this hotspot has been one of the most urgent struggles in the story of the social and environmental transformation of the pulp and paper industry.

The Wilderness Society is now announcing....

"John Gay and Robin Gray have been forced to step down from the Board of Gunns Ltd and will no longer have any further involvement with the company or its subsidiaries.

This is fantastic news for Tasmania's precious forests - it now creates the opportunity to achieve permanent and lasting resolutions to the conflict over forestry in Tasmania."

Watch the video here.....

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PaperOnWeb said...

What is a big deal in 2 members leaving the board