Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paper Calculator Relaunched in Time for Earth Day Focus on Green Choices

Today, version 3.0 of the Paper Calculator was launched and ownership and management was transferred to the Environmental Paper Network (EPN) from its original developer and host, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).  The Paper Calculator is the most trusted, independent tool available to paper purchasers to measure and report the environmental benefits and savings of choosing environmentally superior paper.

The tool is built on the original life-cycle research of the Paper Task Force, which included EDF, the US EPA, McDonald’s and others.  The Paper Calculator receives ongoing expert guidance and life cycle data from environmental consulting firm, Franklin Associates, a division of ERG. 
The Paper Calculator is available online at
“For many years, Environmental Defense Fund provided the Paper Calculator to enable companies to quantify the benefits of choosing environmentally preferable paper,” said Victoria Mills, Managing Director, Corporate Partnerships at EDF. “We are confident that under the management of Environmental Paper Network, the Paper Calculator will remain a credible and valued tool for businesses wishing to reduce the environmental impacts of their paper use.” 
Regular users of the Paper Calculator may notice a few subtle changes in the new version, but its operation, methodology and appearance remain essentially the same. Franklin Associates has created a new technical support document that explains the data, methodology and references underlying the Paper Calculator. 
The Environmental Paper Network is proud to provide this important tool for calculating the impacts and benefits of paper choices and to ensure the Paper Calculator’s continued integrity and value to the many paper purchasers who use it. The Paper Calculator is a critical tool because anyone can measure and report the environmental savings and benefits of certain papers, compare different papers to each other, and do so knowing they are getting straightforward information from an unbiased source.

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Lisa said...

The Paper Calculator sounded weird the first time I heard it. But reading this blog gave me all the environmental benefits. If there are Paper machinery , there should also be a paper calculator to control the waste! way to go!

Anonymous said...

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piter said...

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