Friday, April 22, 2011

Kids to KFC: “Be an environmental leader for change”

On March 3rd, four elementary school children from the Charlotte, North Carolina area made the 350 mile journey to Louisville, Kentucky to deliver over 6,000 hand-drawn postcards to corporate executives at KFC.  They collected the postcards from youth across North Carolina urging KFC to be a leader for environmental change by using more recycled paper and no longer buying paper that comes from endangered forests on the North Carolina coast. 
Today, Dogwood Alliance released a video documenting these inspiring children’s journey.  The video tells the story in their words about why forests and wildlife should not be harmed to make fast food packaging and how KFC can be a leader for environmental change for their generation.  You can watch the video here, or below.
“I had a second grade project to be an environmental activist,” said 10 year old Cole, the child who inspired this work.  “I found that the forests in NC are being cut down and animals are being endangered and so I did [work to get] McDonald’s to change and they switched to 100% post-consumer recycled bags.  Now I am doing KFC.”

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