Tuesday, January 16, 2007

...also in Chinese paper news

The Ethical Corporation reports this week that US newspapers are beginning to source newsprint from China for economic reasons, but may be ignoring sustainability in the process.

Tribune, Gannett, and the New York Times are all looking at making a move to newsprint from China, but apparently have failed to analyze the environmental implications of the move despite internal policies that they do so.

A member of The Paper Planet's family of bloggers, Jim Ford of ForestEthics, shows up in the article, urging a closer look at the ethics of the forestry practices where the fiber is being sourced from in Indonesia and Russia.


Anonymous said...

Full circle mess. A lot of US newspaper publishers are looking at Chinese made newsprint, a good deal of which is made from recycled fiber , collected as old newspapers in the US. Sad part is, as cited in Ethical Corporation report, LA Times is one of the US newspapers looking at Chinese newsprint. The LA Times actually owned the (now) Blue Heron Paper Mill in Oregon City OR, which makes recycled newsprint. We gave away the recycling store! See previous post about American Chung Nam/Nine Dragons.

Toilet Paper said...

Recycling of Papers is a very great idea in saving our Planet from harm and giving us life free from toxic.