Tuesday, January 16, 2007

To China and Back Again Via Nine Dragons

The New York Times Business Section reports today on the story of Zhang Yin of Hong Kong, who built her fame and fortune on recycling U.S. and European scrap paper into the incredible amount of containerboard needed for shipping all those "Made in China" products back to the U.S market. Her company, Nine Dragons Paper, capitalizing on the availability of cheap labor, cheap coal, and cheap land, is set to compete among the largest paper companies in the world in the containerboard sector.

“My goal is to make Nine Dragons, in three to five years, the leader in containerboards,” Ms. Zhang says emphatically in a short interview in her glistening Hong Kong office. “My desire has always been to be the leader in an industry.”

For years, conservation groups have been closely monitoring the growing appetite for paper products in a rapidly developing China and its importing of raw pulp and scrap paper.

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Anonymous said...

Not has humble beginings as story makes out.