Thursday, June 02, 2011

New Leaf and Office Depot Talk Recycled Paper and Radical Transparency

At the, State of Green Business Forum, 2011, New Leaf Paper and Office Depot presented their "One Great Idea" in which they used cutting-edge web technology to tell the story of 100% recycled copy paper and the surprising make-up of its carbon footprint. Their approach exemplifies a new direction in customer engagement around sustainability and provides a visually powerful representation of complex environmental data.

As Jeff Mendelsohn of New Leaf Paper says, "There is a qualitative difference between being transparent about true carbon emissions with a focus on emission reduction, and simply making claims of carbon neutrality." 

With dubious claims proliferating rapidly in an unregulated environment, his point is very timely for the paper industry.  Watch the short video below of their great presentation and check out their cool project using SourceMap technology in partnership with MIT.


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