Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RISI Corrects Inaccuracies About The Paper Calculator

Last week, RISI.com published an article evaluating five paper scorecards.  Unfortunately, the article contained factually incorrect information about the Paper Calculator and its life cycle model. The Environmental Paper Network (EPN) brought this to the attention of the editors at RISI who promptly removed the article from their website temporarily.
We would like to share with you that RISI has republished the piece with corrected information [UPDATE 6/22: This article has now been removed as well as of this morning and the link goes to a blank page.]
EPN is dedicated to maintaining the Paper Calculator as the most trusted independent tool available to paper purchasers to measure and report the environmental benefits of better paper choices.  The Paper Calculator was built on the original life-cycle research of the Paper Task Force, which included Environmental Defense Fund, Johnson and Johnson, Time, Inc., McDonald's, Duke University, and others.  It receives ongoing guidance and life cycle data updates from environmental consulting firm, Franklin Associates, a division of ERG.  EPN provides transparency and clear guidance regarding the life cycle model behind the Paper Calculator through documentation available on the Paper Calculator website

Thank you for using the Paper Calculator

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