Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UPDATE: RISI Removes Article(s) on Paper Scorecards for a 2nd Time

The Paper Planet wishes to apologize that the link that was published yesterday to an updated, corrected, and short version of the two pieces by contributor Phil Riebel, titled, "Five Ways to Check Your Paper," is no longer active.  The new article was removed again overnight from RISI's website, for reasons which are not yet clear.  The long version of the article, "Review of Paper Scorecards and Product Declarations," was removed last week because of factually incorrect statements about the life cycle approach used by the Paper Calculator, and has never been updated or reposted.  

It is unfortunate that these articles were published, distributed, and read with inaccurate information about the life cycle approach of the Paper Calculator.  EPN provides transparency and clear guidance regarding the life cycle model behind the Paper Calculator through documentation available on the Paper Calculator website.  

EPN is dedicated to maintaining the Paper Calculator as the most trusted independent tool available to paper purchasers to measure and report the environmental benefits of better paper choices.  The Paper Calculator was built on the original life-cycle research of the Paper Task Force, which included Environmental Defense Fund, Johnson and Johnson, Time, Inc., McDonald's, Duke University, and others.  It receives ongoing guidance and life cycle data updates from environmental consulting firm, Franklin Associates, a division of ERG. 

Thank you again for using the Paper Calculator to help you or your organization make environmentally responsible paper choices.


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