Friday, March 30, 2007

Eco-Hunks: Gerard Gleason and Leonardo DiCaprio

Two men we can all admire are on a mission to help us understand our paper choices and what we can do to take action.

First, the dashing Gerard Gleason, longtime leading expert in the field and the go-to guy for companies needing advice on how to score environmentally friendly paper in clutch situations, has launched his own blog this week. Don't miss it. Paper Thought, will offer expert advice on environmental paper issues, a nice complement to the Paper Planet's content. In Gerard's own words,

"Expect the blog to be full tilt, informative and dripping with sarcasm. A cross between "Ask Andy" and a scolding "Ms. Manners". But no "eco-groovy-tidbit-niche stuff" here...this is going to be about what needs to be done to make environmental paper a reality."
And for all the Leonardo DiCaprio fans wanting something with an equally noble message but a little more fluff, we thought we'd share this clip from Ecorazzi.Com, a blog about celebrity environmental gossip. This short video encourages viewers to "Be Green Like Leo" and includes tips on stopping your unwanted junk mail and encouragement to buy post-consumer recycled products.

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