Friday, March 09, 2007

Sustainability is Sexy

As reported in Grist, the Young Democrats at the University of Washington (USA) are trying to do something about the wasteful use of the 5,000 virgin fiber coffee cups used and tossed each day (wow) on their campus. They are introducing a marketing effort that includes re-usable mugs that display their new "Sustainability is Sexy" logo. They hope it'll make students think....about sustainability. Read more about their campaign here.

While using recycled fiber in coffee cups still faces barriers of FDA regulations, Starbucks, in partnership with EPN member Environmental Defense, has developed and is using paper cups made from 10% recycled content.

Also, Green Mountain Coffee has introduced the Ecotainer, which is touted as different from other coffee cups because it is compostable, thanks to its corn-based inner liner. Most coffee cups are not even recyclable, due to their wax lining.

The "sexiest" thing of all though, by far, is to do as the UW Young Democrats suggest, and bring your own favorite mug.

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Anonymous said...

hi there
any advice on the most environmentally friendly way to serve coffee in to-go cups? do you think the recycled cups or corn cups win? or perhaps you know a better option...
would love to see a post about this dilemma.