Monday, March 19, 2007

Greening of the Graphic Arts

There's few, if any, fields that require high standards of beautiful paper for their success than the field of graphic arts. So if they are "hot" for the eco-friendly paper available today, then the myth of inferior quality is officially (and finally) dead.

The cover story in the March issue of Graphic Arts Monthly, entitled, "How Print Got Green" is an interesting piece by senior editor Lisa Cross, who details the growing movement for eco-friendly practices in the graphic arts field, particularly, more environmentally responsible paper use. She says,

"Use of paper that supports sustainable forestry is the hot "eco" practice. Customers' requests for such substrates has prompted many printing companies to invest in detailed accreditation processes to certify that paper products used support the environment."
The article also provides a useful list of printers that have attained Forest Stewardship Council certification.

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