Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is Oprah a forest destroyer?

Check out this great piece published by Marc Gunther, a Fortune Magazine writer and CNN Money contributor, on his blog that looks into Hearst Magazines and Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine's paper supply. The piece can be read here.

This is the same author we featured earlier on Paper Planet for his excellent piece entitled, "Don't Judge a Magazine by it's Cover."

Marc does a great job trying to uncover the source of Hearst's paper supply and exposes a lack of willingness from the big publishing house to reveal any meaningful information. Meanwhile, Oprah's people pass the buck as well.

Maybe this is just the impetus they need to make good on their Earth Day commitment and we will see changes soon.

Happy reading and don't forget to recycle those magazines and demand their publishers use more recycled fiber while you are at it.

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Papyrus said...

This is ironic, considering this post on Ecorazzi recently about Oprah urging viewers to watch a new Discover channel series called, Planet Earth. The story can be found at