Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Even Paris Hilton Gets It

Ecorazzi and others are reporting General Electric NBC Universal, as part of its Green is Universal project has announced that for the week of Nov. 4-10, green themes will be found in such shows as “The Office,” “My Name Is Earl,” “30 Rock,” “Heroes” and “Deal or No Deal,” plus in news offers, including “Today,” “Nightly News,” “Dateline” and on MSNBC and MSNBC.com.

“‘We will have every single one of our prime-time shows with storylines themed to green with our characters … being agents of change and being proactive, positive, green members of our going-green society,’ said Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment. “We will also have our late-night [and daytime] shows engaged.’”

“We’re [about] a paper company,” John Krasinski of The Office cracked. “We’re going to get hammered.”

That should be interesting. Maybe for that episode they should hire media-savvy forest and paper advocates ForestEthics to advise them as technical experts. Recently they've been spotted on the "green carpet" at celebrity loaded shindigs for Leonardo DiCaprio's film, The 11th Hour, which includes footage of interviews with Tzeporah Berman of the non-profit about the importance of forest protection to solving the global climate crisis. They are using the attention to call on catalog companies to adopt more responsible paper purchasing practices that lead to forest and climate protection.

Update: Ecorazzi interview after the event with Tzeporah Berman.

Photo: What's In Your Paper Paris?: Tzeporah Berman of ForestEthics, with Paris Hilton.

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