Monday, August 20, 2007

Update: IP's statement

In response to an inquiry from The Paper Planet, IP has provided the following statement regarding the environmental implications of their venture with Ilim:

International Paper contributes to the shape of forests around the world, so we strive to ensure the protection of this important natural resource.

We use no fiber from endangered forests, and are strongly committed to third-party certification of forestlands we own or lease. As part of the joint venture, we will continue these practices in combination with Ilim's existing leadership of sustainable forestry in Russia. Ilim has been a leader in FSC forest certification in Russia, was active in the development of the Russian Forest Code, and has developed initiatives to combat illegal logging.
That's the whole thing. Hmmm.... Feeling reassurred? Feeling doubting? Holding evidence one way or the other? Comments? Post them here...

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