Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Climate Change Enclosed

ForestEthics has a new report out about American junk mail impacts on the climate, called 'Climate Change Enclosed.' It opens with a quote from one of America's and the world's top climate scientists, James Hansen:

"20 years after I first testified before Congress on the threats posed by climate change, we have reached a point at which we must remove unnecessary carbon emissions from our lives, or face catastrophic consequences. It is hard to imagine waste more unnecessary than the 100 billion pieces of junk mail Americans receive each year, and these new findings, revealing that the emissions of junk mail are equal to those of over nine million cars, underscore the prudent necessity of a Do Not Mail Registry."
Nice-looking report. For the purposes of proper disclosure, I did much of the research of the numbers for the report.

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3e Product Supply said...

Interesting report to read; it is quite difficult to slow the machine down once it has momentum -- the machine being our consumption as a community, society, nation, etc.

Junk mail may be 'weeded' out as the benefits of traditional print marketing fade. However, there is still the issue of environmental impact from digital advertising or the allocation of junk mail advertising to affiliates... such as your friendly credit card statement. "Opt out of our affliate program and don't be subjected to ads on your statement" may be something familiar in the future.