Friday, August 29, 2008

Kruger to Pursue FSC Certification to Respond to Customers

Canada's Boreal Forest is closer to being managed responsibly after today's announcement that major logging company Kruger intends to pursue Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

"The announcement by Kruger shows the power that an engaged marketplace and major customers have in bringing about better forest management in Canada," said Richard Brooks, Greenpeace forest campaign coordinator. "The next step is to make sure Kruger follows through with its promise and gets all of its logging operations and product lines FSC-certified in a short period of time."

For more than a year, Greenpeace has been urging customers of Kruger to pressure the paper and lumber supplier to adopt better forest management practices and protect intact forests. Forest Stewardship Council certification is a major step above status quo logging and leads to a more responsible managed forest.

The Kruger announcement is a challenge to some other forestry companies, such as AbitibiBowater, Buchanan Forest Products, and West Fraser, to green their operations. None of these companies are pursuing FSC certification nor protecting intact forest areas.

While greeting the news with applause, conservationists note that protecting intact forest areas and practicing FSC certified logging go hand in hand and are important steps to conserve the Boreal Forest. Kruger has not yet taken action to protect intact forests which are key habitats for endangered species such as woodland caribou.

Read Kruger's press release here.

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